December 28, 2016

Did you know that Mexico City is one of the cities with the most museums in the world? There is a great variety, for different ages and tastes, but there are a few that you have to visit yes or yes. Remember to always go with your backpack Xtrem where you can put everything you need and feel super comfortable @


Castle chapultepec


It is one of the most historical monuments of our country, besides being the only castle in America. It contains a wide collection of paintings, photographs, documents and objects that show almost half a century of history since the arrival of the Spanish. Located in the first section of the Chapultepec Forest.


E11091312.JPG MEXICO, DF Museum / Museo-Alcázar.- The National History Museum (MNH) is located in the Alcázar de Chapultepec, in the north of this capital.  Photo: Archivo EL UNIVERSAL / JMA Agency


Anthropology National Museum

This museum gives you the opportunity to travel in the time and territorial space of Mexico to be able to know the reaches of the civilizations that populated it, as well as its artistic creations. Xtrem is ideal to accompany you, because in addition to having many rooms the museum has a large store to buy souvenirs that you can save without worrying.




Soumaya Museum


Its own asymmetrical structure speaks for itself. The Soumaya Museum was built at the beginning of 2011 in Polanco, and offers more than 60 thousand works representing different centuries of art and culture from all over the world.




Frida Kahlo Museum

Located in Coyoacan, also known as the Blue House, it was the place where Frida Kahlo was born and grew up, and later would become the home of Frida and Diego Rivera. The day she died, in 1958, the doors of the house were opened so that everyone could know their works of art and the way of life they had.

Take the opportunity to go for a tour of the bazaar always accompanied by your Xtrem backpack.



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